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Insert Style Window Replacement .

The insert style of window replacement is the most common in the replacement industry, but not the best. If a window contractor isn't explaining to you that there is more than one way to replace a window, and showing you the difference, then they are doing an insert style replacement, and a disservice to you. With an insert replacement the old window frame, interior and exterior trim is left in place. Just the "guts" of the old window are removed. Then an entirely new, smaller window, is inserted into the frame of the old window.

This can be appropriate for older houses with ornate woodwork which would be difficult to replicate. Older homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul would be good candidates for insert replacement. This is seldom the right choice for houses built in the past 50 years. If you are going to replace your windows, why would you keep your old leaky rotted window frames?

Often the full tear-out or "new construction" style replacement is a better long term value for you.

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